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Hey! I'm Carrie Reed, a Thomasville, GA based photographer. I specialize in children, family, babies, and senior photography. This is the place where you will see my latest work and happenings in my life. Have a look around. If you like what you see I would love for you to leave a comment or two! I will try to update this blog with every photo session. Be sure to check back once in a while!

{ Collier 3 months } | Valdosta Ga Photographer

This smiley guy came to see me last week for his 3 month photo shoot!

Collier loves his big brother and gave us some extra big grins when his brother started talking to him to help get him smiling.

Here are just a couple from his 3 month mini session!

blogcollier blogcollier2 blogcollier3 blogcollier4

{ Jaxon Daniel } | Valdosta Ga Photographer

I just love this little guy!

I’m so glad I was able to be there for his birth & snuggle with him the first 4 days of his life.  He’s such a sweet and squishy little boy!

 Jaxon was just 4 days old in these photos from his newborn photo shoot. He was the perfect little model. I love it when friends let me have free reign over the photo shoots!

More of Jaxon will be hitting the blog as soon as I edit his birth & hospital photos!JAXON

Blogjax2 blogJAX3 blogJAX4 blogjax5 blogJAX6 blogJAX7 blogJAX8 blogJAX9

{ Olivia Jane } | Thomasville Ga Photographer

Loved working with this sweet family and their newest addition, Olivia Jane!

So many sweet moments captured during their hospital session. Miss Olivia was just under a day old and already looking right at the camera ;)

Here are just a few peeks at Olivia’s session!

blogO blogo1 blogo2 blogo3 blogo4 blogo5 blogo6 blogolivia blogolivia2 blogolivia7

{ Whitley } | Valdosta Ga Photographer

This little one was my very last newborn of 2014!

I was so glad we had an extra warm December day for her newborn session. We were able to stay outside the whole time and I think Miss Whitley loved it!

Here are just a few peeks back at her newborn session.

blogw blogw2 blogw3 blogw4

{ home for Christmas } | Thomasville Ga Photographer

I have enjoyed watching this little guy grow since his newborn session!  I love that his parents work me into their schedules for a photo shoot when they are visiting family here in town.  Manny is adorable! He will be a big brother in just a few months, now I just have to talk his parents into flying me to New York so I can meet Miss Arie ;) blogriddle One of my favorites!blogriddle2 blogriddle3 blogriddle4 blogriddle5 Love his big grin! blogriddle6

{ Madelyn Yam Jing } | Valdosta Ga Photographer

Madelyn’s birth story was posted on the blog earlier and can be viewed here.  I loved getting to see her again for her newborn session at just 8 days old.  She was such a great baby! So calm and alert during the first half and sleepy during the 2nd half of her shoot.  I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to share, here are a few favorites from Maddie’s newborn session!

blogmaddie2 blogmaddie3 blogmaddie4 blogmaddie5 blogmaddieY

{ Madelyn’s Birth } | Valdosta Ga Photographer

December 18th I received a call from Clay that Krystal was being incuded that night. I rushed around and made sure everything was ready just in case I was called in the middle of the night. Luckily for me, the excitement didn’t start until the next morning.  By the next morning Krystal was far enough along for me to make my way over to South Georgia Medical Center to photograph their baby’s birth.  When I arrived she was right at 5 cm dilated and had just had her epidural put in.  Her epidural wasn’t working the greatest and she was in a lot of pain for a while. She labored all day without a whole lot of progress dilating. By that evening thing progressed quickly and she was ready to push. She pushed for over an hour and a half, which I’m sure felt like forever and a day to her, before the doctor decided it was time for a c-section.  I was a little bummed since only one person is allowed back during the surgery. Clay captured some great shots on his camera during the c-section.  The gender was a surprise for everyone, they had opted to wait until the birth of their little one to find out if they were having a boy or girl. Madelyn Yam Jing Yeung was born December 19th at 7:54 PM weighing in at 6 lbs 15oz & 19.5 inches long with a head full of beautiful dark hair!  Mommy & baby were both healthy and doing great after surgery.  We were told that it may be up to 4 hours before Maddie was brought back from the nursery to the recovery room after the c-section. We decided it would be best for me to come back the next morning for the photos of mommy+daddy+maddie which worked out great! I loved all of the sweet snuggly photos we captured during Maddie’s hospital shoot.  She is gorgeous and was such a content baby during photos!  Here are just a few from her birth/hospital shoot.  Thank you Krystal and Clay for allowing me to share this special time with you two!

blogmaddie blogmaddie1 blogmaddie2 blogmaddie3 blogmaddie4 blogmaddie5 blogmaddie6 blogmaddie7


{ Wilder Wade } | Thomasville Ga Photographer

Wilder Wade is another little one that made it just in time for Christmas this year!

This little guy made us really work for these shots ;)


blogwilder2 blogwilder3 blogwilder4baby cowlick ;)  blogwilder5

{ Karsyn } | Valdosta Ga Photographer

This gorgeous girl made her arrival just in time for Christmas!

Miss Karsyn may not have slept a wink for us but that didn’t matter one bit.  She was so calm and alert throughout her whole session.

Check out those juicy cheeks!

blogK blogK2 blogK3 blogK4 blogK5

{ Edie & Francis } | Thomasville Ga Photographer

Could these little girls be any cuter!?   This session was one of my favorites from before Christmas!

blogcrocker blogcrocker1 blogcrocker2 blogcrocker3 blogcrocker4